Food Forest Design


[Duration: 3 days. Language: English] Food forest or edible forest garden in English is a gardening method inspired by the natural forest in what it has best to offer us. It is a diverse type of orchard made up of perennials, shrubs and trees which, when ripe, requires little fertilization or watering and very little maintenance to produce an abundance of diverse crops.

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Event Details

This course will teach you how to design, plant and maintain a forest garden. We will use the land and people around for a practical example. You will learn to observe the land around you, ask questions of the people using the site and analyse the gathered information. We will explore how to combine trees, shrubs and perennial plants and how to organise planting, harvesting and maintenance. The third day will be dedicated to coaching you on your own food forest design.

Topis that we will cover:

  • Forest gardens for homes, neighbourhoods, public spaces, market gardens and farms
  • Designing with and for people
  • Reading and understanding the landscape as a starting point for site design
  • Trees, bushes, herbs and ground cover, climbers, roots, mushrooms and how to choose them
  • Combining beauty and functionality
  • Converting orchards into forest gardens
  • Design for easy maintenance

Tomas Remiarz

Tomas has 20 years experience in permaculture design, teaching and practice, having worked in the UK and various European countries. He has worked with trees and forest gardens for a long time, from upland reforestation to community orchards and forest gardens. His recent book, Forest gardening in Practice, is the first systematic review of temperate forest gardening, and it will be available during the course.

Tomas currently lives on a co-operative smallholding at the England/Wales border (Earthworm Housing Cooperative). Learn more about his work at the British Permaculture Association website:

Start date: October 30, 2021

End date: November 01, 2021

Start time: 10:00 CEST

End time: 17:00 CEST

Venue: Arlon