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A part of our work is done through training to build people’s systemic skills and knowledge. Below you can find all our upcoming workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities. You can easily book and register for these events online. Difficult for you to participate in training, because you do not have an income currently? Tell us about it, we will find a solution together. We are looking forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming events in the near future. 

Food Forest Design

October 30, 2021

[Duration: 3 days. Language: English] Food forest or edible forest garden in English is a gardening method inspired by the natural forest in what it has best to offer us. It is a diverse type of orchard made up of perennials, shrubs and trees which, when ripe, requires little fertilization or watering and very little maintenance to produce an abundance of diverse crops.

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Permaculture Design Certificate

January 29, 2022

[Duration: 80 hours. Language: French] This is the 72-hour certified permaculture design course (CCP in French, Permaculture Design Certificate or PDC in English). It gives you a wide range of practical skills and knowledge on regenerative practices, ecology and self-sufficiency.

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Introduction to Permaculture

April 09, 2022

[Duration: 2 Days. Language: English] During this two day course, we will discover the origins of permaculture, its definitions and its application both in the garden and in our lifestyles. This training is for people curious about permaculture, but without experience in the field of gardening or permaculture itself.

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