Permaculture Workshops 2024 (Bundle of 8 – English)

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[Duration: 8 Half Days. Language: English, 9:00-13:00]

Join us on this adventure to put permaculture design and techniques into practice in 2024!


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[Duration: 8 Half Days. Language: English, 9:00-13:00] 

Join us on this adventure to put permaculture design and techniques into practice in 2024!

There are 30 places available. Priority will be given to participants in the PDC-XL2024, but it is possible to take part in all the practical workshops only, or in individual workshops.

At present, the same workshop is offered each month in English and French. Each time there is a summary of the course material and a short presentation, and lots of practice. It's also designed to bond the group throughout the year, and perhaps group design projects will emerge as a result of these exchanges.

It is possible to count the hours in 2024 and complete the theoretical part and the design project thanks to the PDC-LONG in 2025, for example.

The times are from 9am to 1pm each time and participation is required for an entire workshop, from start to finish.

March: preparing the season + tools (Sat 2.03. English, Sat 16.03. French)

April: seeds + planting (Sat 06.04. French, Sat 27.04. English)

May: maintenance + irrigation (Sa 04.05. English, Sa 25.05. French)

June: fertile soil, living soil (Sa 15.06. English/French)

Opportunity to volunteer at the Fête du Bout du Monde on 06.07. (hours counted towards the PDC/CCP)

July: water + landscape (Sat 13.07. English/French)

September: extending the season (Sat 07.09. French, Sat 28.09. English)

October: food preservation (Sat 05.10. English, Sat 19.10. French)

November: trees + preparing for winter (Sa 09.11. French, Sa 23.11. English)

Day 1: March 02, 2024

Day 2: April 27, 2024

Day 3: May 04, 2024

Day 4: June 15, 2024

Day 5: July 13, 2024

Day 6: September 28, 2024

Day 7: October 05, 2024

Day 8: November 23, 2024

Start time: 09:00 CEST

End time: 13:00 CEST

Venue: Arlon