Our Work 

We work towards a world in which all living beings are enabled to flourish within diverse territories and healthy relationships. Driven by this vision, our agency offers design strategies and training opportunities that aim to regenerate both ecological and social relationships.

An Overview of our Services


Trainings and Learning Opportunities

We provide permaculture, regeneration and practical sustainability training, as well as resilience capacity building.


Land & Organisational Design

We create holistic design for regeneration in both ecological and social contexts such as gardens, farms and organisations.


Research & Writing

Experienced researcher with full proficiency in all steps of qualitative social research.


Facilitation services

We co-create your or group event to make sure your objectives are met through collective wisdom.


Resilience Consulting

We develop critical thought leadership to co-design regenerative solutions for municipalities, territories and organisations.


Live Graphic Recording

Draw out all the potential and wisdom in your team in a visual and connected way.

Our Process in Detail

We create holistic designs for regeneration in all forms of ecological and social contexts, such as gardens, farms, organisations.

For land-based permaculture design, we offer the following services:

  • site assessment
  • clarification of client needs and resources
  • creation of detailed 1:250 basemap and A0 digital design
  • narrative report with planting, scheduling and maintenance recommendations
  • facilitating a collaborative process, if more stakeholders are involved
  • assessment of economic model
  • in some cases, we can intervene to consult on aspects of larger projects

We intervene in the following contexts:

  • private vegetable and biodiversity gardens
  • public community and collective gardens
  • local food resilience projects
  • municipal and regional climate adaptation projects
  • food forests / forest gardens
  • self-sufficient private properties
  • land regeneration
Resilience Consulting

We develop critical thought leadership to co-design regenerative solutions for municipalities, territories and organisations.

Mycelium is an independent consultancy that develops critical thought leadership to counsel climate and social ecology policy makers, and that designs regenerative solutions for specific territories and organisations.

It is part of Mycelium’s mission is to develop and promote strategy innovation and analysis that is essential to deliver climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, as well as earth and social regeneration projects.

Our process to accompany municipalities and organisations towards climate adaptation and restoration aims to re-instate natural climate processes that generate global average temperatures and ocean acidity that are safe for all species and for current and future generations.

Mycelium uses an overarching systemic framework to guide its work across ethics, science, economics, politics and culture.

Mycelium has been formed on a non-political party platform and is based in Luxembourg.

Training & Learning Opportunities

We provide permaculture, regeneration and practical sustainability trainings, as well as resilience capacity building.

We have over a decade of experience in training teenagers and adults  and love inclusive teaching and practice-based, playful, yet deep transformational training that empowers all participants.

We provide permaculture, regeneration and practical sustainability trainings, as well as resilience and community engagement with regards to the critical path humanity is currently on.

We organise leadership retreats for those companies and organisations that want to lead regenerative change more effectively.

The courses we offer every year in French and English are:

  • Introduction to Permaculture Design
  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Collaborative Governance
  • Local Resilience Desig

We run bespoke trainings to develop such skill sets as:

  • Basic ecological design skills
  • Practical resilience skills (gardening, compost, food preservation methods, self-build, agroforestry)
  • Collaboration skills (governance, meetings, decision-making, collective intelligence, continued engagement)
  • Advanced design skills

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Facilitation means ‘making easy’ or ‘easing a process’. We co-create with your team or group event to make sure that the group’s objectives are met, with clear thinking, effective participation and engagement from everyone involved.

Facilitating means providing an objective or neutral perspective while guiding along the team and making its inherent collective intelligence emerge. We are trained in facilitation methods and have a decade of experience in structuring, leading and co-leading processes. We are strategically-oriented systems thinkers, and can also provide a new direction for your thinking and practice, whatever your field.

Leadership is a distributed or collective capacity in a system, not just something that individuals do. Leadership is about the capacity of the whole system to sense and actualize the future that wants to emerge.

Otto Scharmer, “Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies”

Whatever your objectives, the size of your group or the circumstances, we can co-design with you a process to successfully and strategically make your people come together and go further than you thought possible. We will design the experience collaboratively to serve your needs, dynamics and longings, making space for real possibility of transformation.

We offer one-on-one sessions that combine facilitation with coaching, if you have a strategic, personal or professional issue that you want addressed.

We also offer graphic recording, which is a particular type of visual facilitating designed to draw out all the potential and wisdom in your team in a visual and connected way.

Research & Writing

Dr. Katy Fox is an experienced researcher and has full proficiency in all steps of qualitative social research. A list of some of her research interests is here.

We offer any of the following services, also combined and tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.

  • Literature Review
  • Social Science Research Methods
  • Semi-Structured Interviews
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Commissioned Research
  • Analysis of Existing Data
  • Policy Recommendations
  • Reporting for Different Publics

We adhere to the AAA’s Code of Ethics as well as permaculture ethics.

Writing is part of our daily practice. We provide writing services in English, French and German. We offer copy-editing and developmental editing services in English on subjects related to reserach interests.

If you have a writing project (book manuscript, grant writing, etc.) for which you require editorial assistance, please contact us.

Live Graphic Recording


We offer live graphic recording so as to draw out all the potential and wisdom in your team in a visual and connected way.

Live graphic recording (also referred to as visual harvesting or graphic facilitation, etc.) involves capturing people’s ideas and expressions in words, images and colour as they are being spoken in the moment. Everyone in the room sees and experiences this live visualisation and can be a part of it. It is exactly this connectedness that allows them to see more, connect the dots, gain insights and enable sound decision-making.

Graphic recording supports the work of the facilitator and/or event manager in a cooperative way. We use a 3 metre long graphic wall. We also require a well-lit space of at least 4×2 m on the ground, ideally a few metres away from the public. We currently only offer analog graphic facilitation services, but can refer you to colleagues that are using digital graphic recording techniques.

Contact us to discuss ways in which graphic recording might enhance your event. Check our blog for examples of live graphic recording.

Past Projects

The Only Doughnut That’s Good For You.

I was very happy to collaborate with the Oeuvre Grande Duchesse Charlotte to provide a visual for a conference co-organised with the Commission supérieure pour le développement durable CSDD on 27th February 2023 about Kate Raworth's work on Doughnut Economics and its...

Arcus Leitbild

The graphic recording work I did in 2022 around the new Leitbild of arcus got copied 70 times and printed and is now found in 50 arcus structures around Luxembourg. That makes me quite happy! 🙂

Problemorientiertes Lernen interdisziplinär gestalten

Client: SCRIPT - LTETT Duration: 3 hours  Analog graphic recording

Groësteen – Masterplan

Last week, I submitted my masterplan and narrative report for a permaculture design on a 4ha site in Manternach called Groësteen. I was commissioned by ANF - Administration nationale de la nature et des forêts to develop a permaculture design based on agroforestry...

Eng Gemeng fir jiddereen” – Gemeinwohlökonomie Mertzig

On 4th December, I had the pleasure to do the graphic recording for the closing ceremony/livestreamed press conference for the Gemeinwohlökonomie (Economy for the Common Good) Mertzig project.  I got inspired by Kelvy bird's elegant figures and played with the colour...

Partners & Clients

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