Artemisia Annua Tincture


Our Artemisia annua tincture is a tincture extracted from organically grown plants. It is a highly concentrated mother tincture to be taken orally for a more convenient use.
Our Annual Mugwort Tincture therefore offers the full active ingredients of the plant.
This organic plant extract, fresh and not frozen, is macerated in glass jars directly at the place of collection in Arlon.
10 drops twice a day, diluted in a little water, to be taken outside of meals.
Artemisinin is a pro-oxidant against cancer or viruses, more effective if taken with iron.
Composition: The liquid contains 70% ethanol derivative, with a ratio of 1 plant to 3 ethanol, once diluted in a glass of water it is no more alcoholic than fruit when digested.
If you do not consume alcohol, put your drops in very hot water or hot tea to evaporate it.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Packaging : 60ml glass bottle.
Origin : Belgium
Pick up in Arlon on appointment. No delivery.

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