Initial Consultation

0.00 20 minutes

A 20 minutes free call to discuss how we can work together. Projects are successful for many reasons. However, in our line of work, it is important that client and consultant are a good fit. Please take a moment to read on.

If you’d like to discuss your project, please take a moment to read on. 

I have worked with community groups, municipalities, associations, private companies, foundations and private property owners. All clients and projects have had one thing in common: they are committed to being personally involved in our working process as well as seeing the value of that. 

Is this you?

  • You’re ready to articulate your goals, focusing on the quality of your whole life with regards to your project.
  • You want to create a solid plan for a regenerative, productive system - one that supports a future for yourself, family or organisation.
  • You are willing to be fully engaged in a reiterative, dynamic process that can be up to 6-12 months in diagnosis and longer for design and implementation.
  • Despite all the challenges we face today in the world you are willing to work towards the future you want.

If you are resonating with the above, please book a free 20-minute Initial Consultation where we can discuss things further.