Collaboration Between Community-Led Initiatives and Local Authorities

September 22, 2020

This Ecovillage Transition in Action Online Webinar focused on Strengthening collaboration between community-led initiatives and local authorities for regional sustainability. This was one webinar that happened in the context of the launch of Communities for Future.

We heard from successful case studies that have managed to draw together collaborations between stakeholders to shift local and even regional realities both in rural and urban areas. We also heard from the perspective of CLIs, and also from the experience of local authorities and academics. We had around 60 participants!

Ecovillage Transition in Action is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership running from 2019-2021, involving the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), ECOLISE, GEN Germany, Kilden Økosamfunn/Hurdal Ecovillage (Norway) and the University of St Andrews (UK).

Mycelium did the graphic facilitation. If you want to watch the webinar, here it is.

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