Creating the Virtual Dream Team Work


[Duration: 3×90 Minutes, Language: French / English / Luxembourgish] Strengthen the team for better collaboration, effectiveness and wellbeing of everyone.

Full hands-on experimentation and practice, as well as tips and practical advice to cultivate camaraderie, agility and collaboration, creating the DreamTeamwork is training that strengthens the team so that it can collaborate better, and achieve its objectives while guaranteeing the inclusion and well-being of everyone.

Course Objectives:

  • demonstrate confidence and build camaraderie with remote colleagues
  • create alignment and establish remote work guidelines and team agreements
  • facilitate positive communication practices implement collaborative processes
  • set up effective systems for feedback, assessment and conflict resolution with members of
  • the virtual team


Target Group : Anyone who participates in remote meetings.

Prerequisites :

  • Computer essential, mobile phone does not work for what we want to do
  • Zoom and access to google docs before the start of the training
  • Access to a quiet place with a stable internet connection

Best practices / tips, interactive and practical exercises and question-and-answer moments. Possibility to work on the learning objectives of the participants and real case studies of the organization. Resources and documentation included.